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Where Do Travelers with Broken Hearts Go?

broken heart

WHERE DO TRAVELERS WITH BROKEN HEARTS GO. In a faraway continent a few years back, a lady named Liz had an epiphanic bathroom moment that consequently sent her packing to worlds farthest from hers in pursuit of the self she lost.

For how many times have we stood witness to stories of supposedly clever girls going mad for the wrong love? or of once undefeated warriors falling prey to cunning maidens?


Far too many tales have already been told that I no longer need to tell of any more. But perhaps, I could take you on an odyssey of mending; offer a peep through the winding road of undoing and unlearning the default Times New Roman of all human emotions:

fcuk Love.


The question begs, “Where do broken hearts go?”

A couple of a dozen travelers gathered answers, mostly from their own repository of loss. My task is to retell what I could not possibly muster to face on my own: old pains too well remembered.
Blog carnival broken hearts

Riz Baldivia beach-bummed and headbang-ed her way to rock anthems of loving and losing. Her heart found refuge on the sands of Boracay, Coron and Panglao. For what knew better how it was to be broken than once great rocks beaten to a pulp by infinite waves? White sand and a shattered heart, it took one to know one.

Michelle Mujer never learned. Hers was the kind of heart that was given pain and never gave it back. Also set on the idyllic Boracay, she frequented the island like a graveyard of a dead lover, hoping that each visit would be less painful than the last.

Sarah Callanga conquered islands in her bid to balm the ache. Cebu’s Bantayan and Zambales’ Nagsasa saw how one young heart wept on their shores for the love that was no longer capable of loving back.

blog carnival ron cruz

Ron Cruz attempted a recluse. On a short holiday to the foothills of The Himalayan, he adopted a new name. Poetry resided outside his hotel window, mayhem on the inside– courtesy of one too many drunken nights and a birthday party with the hotel’s Nepalese kinsfolk. Eventually, his sorrow drowned. By fun or by alcohol, no one ever knew.

Missy Penaverde scaled Mt. Batulao. Wearing the kind of torment that warranted screaming the lungs out, she howled his name. He must’ve heard. Though it took a while, the succubus disappeared and she won her beau back.

Armie Abigania dropped her knees to pray. On a small city in Sicily, she whimpered in agony as the reality of her beloved’s cheating sank in. She was half a world away and probably could not do much even if she went home and knocked on his door. So she sought the divine to make sense of the sins of mortals.

blog carnival broken hearts 3

Cris Reyes smashed herself against the walls of the world. A fifteen-month healing process that spanned across Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and a bit of Asia saw a dragonheart come to terms with the world. After finding the heartsong at the summit of Apo, the universe came to terms with her.

Marj Garra didn’t only live on the edge: she jumped off. Determined to bounce back after having had her heart smashed by a cowardly text message, she roamed the continent to reclaim her bliss. She may not have dodged the bullet, then again, no bullet had ever been strong enough to pierce through her resilience.

blog carnival baguio broken hearts

Estan Cabigas shed a tear in Baguio. An early morning foray along Session Road put chaos into perspective. But the perspective was dim; like the misty, almost melancholic thoroughfares of the city. Even the huge and strong bear the same soft heart within. Estan’s rare display of forthright emotion reinforced just that.

Amer Amor sauntered back to the familiar. After a string of botched romances, running away from his demons ceased making any more sense. Like a real man ought to be, he meandered around the same streets from whose bosom love was once borne. The prince made peace with the broken; he even gave names to pain.

Kenneth Lagana gambled and lost. Perhaps there were things on Earth akin to stars: beautiful only from afar–this, Kenneth learned the hard way. Manila’s urban jungle provided his much needed distraction. He sought solace in the nameless faces that frequented the metro, wondering what battles they too, fought.. He was never alone.

blog carnival edmar dhie

Edmar Guquib rode a motorcycle home. A young Ernesto Guevara came to mind, insatiable and soft, but rough around the edges. Edmar’s piece told of a young boy with the wisdom of a grown man. It also brooded over the heart’s endurance in a hostile world and the home’s ready arms ever waiting for its return.

Adelyn Medicielo-Cadion fell for blue eyes. But in an island where people were transient, feelings were fleeting. But how does one tell that to a naive girl with glazed eyes? One doesn’t. Carrying the weight of questions unanswered, her voyage home was raw and poignant, almost biblical.

blog carnival broken hearts 2

Roj Braga strung words. In true wayfarer fashion, she launched a quest of reckoning. For what use were the promises of cities beyond horizons and kingdoms on mountaintops if hope didn’t spring eternal?

Paula Anntoneth beaconed the sea. Her words were scarce, tangled in a puff of an un-photographed memory many, many moons ago. She’s been sailing since, armed with a hope pitted against hope, to find him again like how she found him the last time. Goodbyes hurt, but not being able to say goodbye surely hurt more.

Violy Vallester-Salas kissed all the wrong frogs before finally finding the right prince. She sought the beaches of Phuket, Coron and Boracay for close to eight years of running away and running after. But it was all worth the while, because in the end, she found Ever After.

blog carnival journeying james

Claire Madarang grasped the basics. She took us back to a jaunt within oneself. She also provided a detour away from harbingers of bad reminiscence through fun, friendship and charity.

James Betia channeled the love outward. Equipped with the mantra Free, Forget and Fraternize, this bachelor has undoubtedly mastered the art and science of self-preservation. I would be thrilled though, to someday meet the one who would make him believe otherwise.

Ryan Mach thought better than wasting precious weekends in despair. He whipped up an island-laden itinerary in a bid to lure the desolate to see through the grief. Set mostly in Visayas, the undisputed land of romance, it was ironic. But what wasn’t?

Endette Mendoza and Kaiye Pallarco unleashed. This vagabonding duo represented the growing statistics of the female populace who confronted heartbreaks head on. Their missive enticed readers up north for a day of sand dune madness. Obviously, they weren’t bothered moping over the injustices of life. Instead, they rode it like they stole it.

travel blog carnival

Reiza Dejito dissolved boundaries. Faced with the harsh truth of stereotypes and prejudices, she took comfort in knowing that love endures and by all means, universal.

Brenna Bustamante finally brought walls down. As it turned out, discovering travel as a potent antidote for heartbreak was only half of the deal. The other half was crossing paths with a traveler who was all too willing to enter the frame.

Mhe Anne Ojeda traveled solo to New Zealand. Not an easy feat considering that she just broke up with a travel buddy of five years. But she survived and has not stopped traveling since.

Darwin Cayetano waxed poetic. Reliving a midnight of reckoning half a decade ago, he ushered his readers to the shores of Bolinao and how it cradled mementos of one great love. (It was Darwin, who, on the eve of the carnival’s deadline asked if I could put off publishing just a li’l bit. Of course I said yes, for always, there will be people who would always be worth bloody wait. :P)


In a faraway continent a few years back, a lady named Liz traveled to nurse a heartbreak. She then went on to produce a bestseller and a blockbuster. If anything, having her heart broken was a necessary sacrifice to free her hands for the bigger things that were yet to come.

A couple of years ago, I read Liz’s story after watching its film version with a bigot mate. I realized two things: One, paying the pain forward is a projection of one’s own inadequacy and insecurity. For why would one bear see another being wretched if not to console himself that others can have it worse? And two, those who are capable of infidelity must have only been spawned by parents who each kept paramours.

Ooops, I think that just hit bullseye.

Fellow vagabonds, this is your February 2013 Pinoy Travel Bloggers Blog Carnival.

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    I’m not done reading yet, But I want to be the first to comment, but geez! Even in that want I failed. *brokenheart*

    Just a glimpse of this particular page I want to say, SUPERB! Galing galing ng presentation! Grabe!

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    Truly, the words can really convey our pain and everything that make us broken inside out. I like how you begin this blog post with a poetic paragraph that actually make me wonder where do really broken heart goes. Some of the bloggers who contributed to this blog post is familiar and I truly love each of their thoughts.


    1. Rain Campanilla says:

      Thank you! As it turns out, traveling is the drug of choice for heartbreak ๐Ÿ™‚

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