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Siargao Travel Guide

Siargao Travel Guide | Words and Wanderlust

To supplement the Siargao narrative I have written for the Blog Carnival, here’s a Siargao Travel Guide straight from my notebook to help you plan your own quest for the eternal stoke!

Disclaimer: Information is limited to the actual stuff that we did, but please feel free to ask me questions in the comments if there is anything else you’d like to know.

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From Surigao City to Dapa, Siargao

  • Economy – 220PHP
  • Aircon – 270PHP

Travel Time: 2.5 hours

Note: As we left a vehicle in Surigao City, we had to pay a parking fee of 120PHP/night

From Dapa Port to General Luna (GL)

  • Tricycle – 50PHP/head
  • Habal-habal – 100PHP/head

Travel Time: 20-30 minutes

Getting around the island

  • Scooter – 500/day + petrol (Each scooter rides 2)


Siargao Travel Guide | Words and Wanderlust



Harana Surf (


Sohoton Cove and Bucas Grande

(When from Siargao, Sohoton Cove can be part of your island hopping package along with Naked, Daku and Guyam islands. But for the trip, we chose to forego the smaller islands and went to Sohoton Cove / Bucas Grande  via Hayanggabon, before we went to Siargao. This is ideal when you are driving.)

  • Whole Day Tour Fee (inclusive of guide and boat)
    • Hayanggabon pick up and drop off – 3500PHP/boat of up to 10 pax
    • Socorro pick up and drop off – 2500PHP/boat of up to 10 pax
    • Socorro pick up and Hayanggabon drop off (and vice versa) – 3000PHP/boat of up to 10 pax
    • Option – you can have a half-day Sohoton Cove tour as part of your Island Hopping experience from Siargao. Rates can be negotiated with your guide.
  • Mandatory Fees and Charges
    • Permit Fee
      • Foreign – 100PHP/person
      • Local – 50PHP/person
    • Environmental Fee (inclusive of safety gears)
      • Foreign – 190PHP/person
      • Local – 90PHP/person
    • Docking Fee – 50PHP
      • A smaller boat will take you inside Sohoton Cove whilst your main boat will be docked outside.
    • Pump Boat – 500PHP
      • To take you to Sohoton Cove
    • 2 Boat Guides – 330PHP
    • Paddlers – 100PHP
      • Optional; if going to the Jellyfish sanctuary

Travel Hack: Buy lunch, snacks and water from the mainland as it is pricier/not always available in the islands. Remember to take your trash back with you to be disposed of properly.


Siargao Travel Guide | Words and Wanderlust


Magpupungko Rock Pools

Important: It is imperative that you check the tides prior to going to Magpupungko. The rock pools are only good at low tide. Otherwise, you might as well go to any other beach.

  • Travel time: 1 hour (from GL to Pilar)
  • The Tourism Office opens around 0900H
    • Motorcycle Parking Fee: 20PHP/unit
    • Entrance Fee: 50PHP
  • Meals: there is only one store beside the rock pools. They cook to order, but it’s a bit costly at 250PHP/dish

Travel Hack: Come early and beat the Tourism Officers to get free entry. LOL

Sugba Lagoon

  • Travel time: 1 hour (from GL to Del Carmen)
  • Look for Miss Celine at the Tourism Office
    • boat hire and entrance fee – payable at the Tourism Office
      • Boat hire: 1600PHP/boat (inclusive of the services of 2 boat men)
      • Entrance Fee: 50PHP/head
  • Buy ingredients for lunch (fish, meat, rice) at the Public Market beside the Tourism Office prior to leaving for Sugba Lagoon.
  • With a small fee (30PHP/kg), locals at the lagoon can cook lunch. For example, we had a delightful lunch of fish kinilaw, grilled squid and fish/squid tinola.
  • Snorkel Rental – 20PHP/hour

Travel Hack: Ask the boat man to go through the mangroves going to the lagoon, and via the ocean on the way back so you could have a view of both. Or depending on the tide, as boats can’t usually pass through the mangroves when it’s low tide.


    • Naigel Dizon – Boatman / Guide – Sohoton Cove / Bucas Grande – (+63) 930 336 0765
    • Bebot Salgdao – Driver / Guide – Siargao Island – (+63) 906 459 5679, (+63) 930 974 9974

Siargao Travel Guide | Words and Wanderlust
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  1. Marge Gavan says:

    This guide is pretty neat, you even included the contact information of the guides. Funny because earlier I tried looking for a flight to Siargao. The 7k pesos one way fare repelled me though, I’m like why is it so expensive, it’s even more expensive than a flight to Taiwan.

    But I will try my best to get me there hopefully this summer. I really want to go to Siargao. Thanks for sharing this guide, I can definitely use this when I finally go there.

  2. Rain Campanilla says:

    Hello Marge, flying to Surigao City/Butuan, then making your way to Siargao (by ferry), may be more cost-effective 🙂 I suggest doing a longer trip since SDS/SDN is a treasure trove of waterscapes talaga 🙂

  3. Berlin says:

    I love to read travel tips including the fare, itinerary, and contact details. It makes my research and reading pretty complete, without looking for more details. I love presented your travel guide. Pretty neat and complete.

  4. bohemiannation says:

    Oh I love your site! it’s super gorgeous and I can’t wait to read more about travel (: I’m going to have to update my bucket list!

  5. Rain Campanilla says:

    thank you! It took me a while to get to write travel guides, as I am a narrative kinda person. But yes, like you, I find the value of guides when researching and planning for travels.

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