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Mundane Madness: A Travel Video

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Perhaps love.

There is a reason why unlike most, this blog will never survive penning travel guides from point A to point B. I have tried, but each time I do, I become less and less myself.

Perhaps love.

I love departures more than I’ll ever do arrivals. My travels aren’t necessarily aimed at reaching the destination. It thrives on the stories along the journeys and of the detours I take from time to time. Sometimes I bump into stop-overs so precious I decide not to leave any more. Sometimes, in the middle of everything that’s right, I get bored, stand up, and decide to do something else; go somewhere else.

Perhaps love.

I cannot survive objectifying something that is as personal as traveling. I beg to differ when people say it SHOULD always be about the place. No, because it IS always about how a person embraces a place. Or at least, it is about that for me.

Perhaps love.

And it is in the infusion of that experience that the challenge begins. For instance, my eyes are always glazed and my heart cannot help but feel. Imagine plating that up for a society brimming with apathy.

Then again, I am me, and no matter how I fight everything off, the tangible and otherwise, there is one that endures.

Perhaps Love.

Travel: Palmerston North, July 2010
Music: The Rain Song-Led Zeppelin
Clips: Air New Zealand AKL-PMR | The Coffee Club Botany Junction | Wind Vanes as seen from a taxicab in Palmerston North | Early morning fog, Flat Bush School Road |

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