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Hotel Review | The Urban Newtown

Hotel Review The Urban Newtown - Words and Wanderlust

Knackered from rush-hour traffic on a Friday night, The Urban Newtown beckoned like a nest to a tired hatchling. Amidst the bustle of busy Newtown, it stood distinctively, sporting an iconic Fintan Magee on its facade.

Winter has just come, and my body was just getting used to the cold. But Newtown begged to be explored. After all, it was Vivid Sydney season. If anything, the city was never more alive.

The Urban Newtown
Address: 52-60 Enmore Rd, Newtown NSW 2042
Phone: (02) 8960 7800

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The Urban Hotel Newtown Review - Room

The Studio

Featuring a high concrete ceiling, king-sized bed, ensuite bathroom, kitchenette and a balcony overlooking Enmore Rd., our studio for the weekend was reminiscent of Brooklyn’s industrial chic.

A coffee-table book, Humans of Newtown, featured by the bedside. It spoke of my anthem: the celebration individuality and all the artsy angst, angsty art I live by.

Embracing the signature comfort of luxury hotels, and at the same time channeling the utilitarian vibe of urban dwellings, it was gritty and pretty. It was an abode and an adventure. 

My husband, breaking my catatonia and noting my belongingness, closed the door behind us and wrapped his arms around me.

“Welcome home.”

The Urban Hotel Newtown Review - Young Henrys

Free Mini Bar

After a good night’s sleep, a warm cup of espresso by the balcony was called for. Minus cigarettes, it was a morning straight out of the lives of rockstars.

A red espresso machine sat on the kitchen bench like a talisman to a warrior. I dove right into the invitation of a coffee fix, but the husband had another idea. Evidently, he couldn’t resist the temptation of beer for breakfast. Because why not.

TIP: When booked directly through their website, The Urban Hotel Newtown offers a FREE MINI BAR.

What made The Urban Newtown’s free mini bar extra awesome was because it didn’t just throw in random items into a hamper. Rather, it featured homegrown products. Particularly, we dug the craft beers from Young Henrys and artisan chocolates from Darrell Lea.

The Urban Hotel Newtown Review - Free Food

Free Pastries

Another gesture that we found touching was the table of free coffee, fruit and pastries right by the reception. No stranger to the the fast-paced life of Newtown living, the amazing humans behind The Urban Newtown harnessed the the hearts of all mothers in the universe, and offered a tableful of treats for guests rushing out to explore (and conquer!) the world.

The Urban Hotel Newtown Review - Garden

The Courtyard

Despite everything else worthy of a rave, the heart of the hotel lay amongst the greenery creeping over pre-loved musical instruments in the courtyard. It was a rabbit hole that opened up to the skies, propped upright by graffitti-laden concrete beams. It was a marriage of music and nature, of the worldly and enchanted.

That, versus opulent chandelier lamps of five-star hotels, I’d take the former any day. On a good night, it is certain one wouldn’t just get five stars. One would have all the stars in the sky.

The Urban Hotel Newtown Review - Young Henrys
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Boutique hotels have undoubtedly  risen up in popularity over the last decade. In the case of The Urban Newtown, it stood above the rest, because it offered a more personalised take on hospitality: it told a story.

It was the microcosm of a suburb that was well-known for its character and vibrance. And all that the hotel did, really, was to echo the song of the city.

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    Newtown is such a cool spot, this looks like a great choice! Definitely had a lot of character.
    xx Jenelle

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