Little Infinities


Words and Wanderlust - Little Infinities - Durden
Georgetown sunset from the rooftops | July 2015, Penang, Malaysia

July 2017
Georgetown, Penang

Someday, I will send you an envelope full of skies; and a postcard with just enough words to retell the summer you turned 25.

But all of it will be someday.

For now, I will fall out of your radar, hoping that the universe will fight back and align our stars again, like it did the first time.

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Little Infinities is a collection of short musings borne out of huge emotions. In many of my travels, these are the kinds of stories I seek and live for, unlearn and let go.

Published by Rain Campanilla

Born under the star of Sagittarius, the centaur of adventure; and in the year of the Rat, the ever curious--- Travel is my birthright.

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