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Chiang Rai to Chiang Khong

Just when I thought Chiang Mai was the superlative of fun, me and my new-found friends’ fernweh took us to the northernmost tip of Thailand.

Initially, I was reluctant to leave. Even during the van trip to Chiang Rai that morning, I was thinking what difference would it have made, had I gone to Pai instead. But all doubts dissipated the moment our van pulled over on the side of the road across the White Temple.

Chiang Rai to Chiang Khong

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5 Top Adventures in Chiang Mai (When Hungover)

When one does not know if it is a good morning or was a good night, one is in Chiang Mai.

Always, on the nights prior, I’d have a big jug of Mug-a-rita from Elvis Loco; And a small-town, crazy party at Zoe’s; And some more Hong Thong sessions in the hostel. Often, I’d not see any bed until 4am.

But always too, the next days’ adventures weren’t ones to miss. So those would happen— with racoon eyes and a head that spun.

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The Accidental Chiang Mai Walking Tour

Well-rested from a first-time sleeper train ride from Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai was positively anticipated. Until our train broke down 100 kilometres to the city.

Sans oral hygiene and bra-less, I’ve had to disembark and took the replacement bus the rest of the way. Nevertheless, it was a nice morning and I was up for some exploring.

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Ayutthaya Day Trip

Fresh from a night of beer-induced sleep, I was wide wake through the hour-long trip to Ayutthaya while everybody else slept. The Northern Thailand countryside, save for spirit temples, was akin to the Philippines in terms of infrastructures and vegetation. Her people, gentler.

With me in a hired van were four people I only met that morning– a Thailand-based English travel guide, a British-Kiwi tax accountant and two Dutch backpackers- a software engineer and a social worker. I was quiet all the way through, unsure if I was ready to make friends that early in the trip. But I wanted to hear their backstories, and for that, I played nice.

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Bangkok Tattoo

Bangkok TattooI Got a Tattoo in Bangkok. Chronological. That’s how I intended to blog about my 4-week Indochina experience. But revisiting what has happened 6 weeks ago is reliving that chunk of whatever youth I have left, that I’d want frozen forever. In effect, brooding takes over, the writing is stalled and today, almost two months after the trip, I am still blogging about Day 3: Chao Phraya.

So I am ditching chronological blogging effective this very moment and hop straight to Day 28, on my last night in Bangkok.

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Bangkok River Cruise

The first civilizations were built around rivers. The same holds true with Chao Phraya, the river of kings. On its banks rose the Kingdom of Siam many, many years ago. Today, remnants of a monarchy that hugely revolved around religion is still apparent. This was what was revealed to my tourist eyes one Monday afternoon.

Bangkok River Cruise

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Bangkok Travelogue

Bangkok Travelogue. Bangkok, Thailand. April 1, 2013

Bangkok Buses


It was a Monday with slowness and fastness broken in equal parts. I started the day chasing taxicabs that refused to drive through the inner city and to Khao San. In the end, I had to board a bus full of locals whose hospitality to me where expressed in mute smiles. Very few of them spoke English, and those who spoke, spoke very little.