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Day Trip Brisbane

day trip brisbane - words and wanderlust

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, one of six Australian states. The city is home to two million residents, half of the total population of the entire country of New Zealand.

Brisbane was originally home to an early European penal settlement and word was, convicts built the city around what is now known as the Brisbane river.

Intrigued by the rich history of the city, we embarked on a hop-on hop-off bus tour of the city through CitySights.

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My Little Piece of Mindanao Called Home

minaulon lanao del norte philippinesThe tide was almost always low in the afternoons, as if the sea was a pair of palms pleading for the skies. Half of my barrio’s women were seashell gatherers and the other half were fishmongers. I was the odd child caught in between realities of the mundane, of survival.

My task, I felt, was to dream on behalf of those who couldn’t afford the luxury of reverie, the gift of marvel.