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Musings on a Flight Home

airplane window

Rain Campanilla - Sunset from current residence in Australia

Airplanes are for me, touchstones. It was on a PAL aircraft too, almost six years ago, when the first day of the rest of my blessed life, happened. At 23, the desperate need to pull my family out from the pit of hardship, rested on my shoulders. It wasn’t an obligation I was asked of; it was what a daughter, who was never given a chore all her life, would have always taken on the minute she saw her superhero break apart from an infinity of doing all the fighting alone.

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Bangkok River Cruise

The first civilizations were built around rivers. The same holds true with Chao Phraya, the river of kings. On its banks rose the Kingdom of Siam many, many years ago. Today, remnants of a monarchy that hugely revolved around religion is still apparent. This was what was revealed to my tourist eyes one Monday afternoon.

Bangkok River Cruise

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Blog Carnival: She and Him

TinDan - Words and WanderlustI have very few friends. But the few that I have are planets: cosmic and uncontainable. The nomad whose roots originated on a huge house on the far end of a tree-lined driveway in Dumaguete, for example. He burns brighter than Mercury. The hobo from Iloilo on the other hand, wears Earth on her skin. She chases shades under trees with tens, hundreds of hands outstretched.

Compared to them, I am a lesser superhero. Because while I am selfless for family, they are to community.

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Hello Stranger

Blog Carnival. There is something wonderful in all things short-lived: it does not last long enough for the magic to wear off.

Those fleeting moments become the memories we tuck in the pockets of remembrance. Those are the same stories we fish out on nostalgic drunken nights to share to a friend or two.

Hello Stranger

Once upon a time, I allowed myself some recklessness. Fully aware that I wasn’t to be forever young, I took advantage of a time where I was at my most palatable. hah.

Let us pretend I wrote this drunk.

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Day Trip Sydney

The city does not usually appeal to me. My heart yearns for the village and its ironies: how it is meager but boundless; sublime but familiar; hushed but audible.

But I married a city boy. And if the city had anything to do to raise such an amazing person, then I suppose there’s a good reason tucked somewhere– enough to enamor me like one city boy did.

Day Trip Sydney - Words and Wanderlust

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The Journey that Made Me a Travel Blogger

On July 2, 2004, I wrote my first blog entry for Tabulas from a 20-peso per hour internet cafe. I will always remember that day for it unearthed a passion I never knew I had. Back then, when blogging was more passionate than it was strategic, I found my happy place.

When I eventually decided not to pursue the degree I studied years for, the link to my blog was the only arsenal I armed myself while traversing the big mad world. And I slew.

travel blogger - words and wanderlust - solar system
2005. The Solar System, my life-long friends and elite circle of wordsmiths and musicians

Blogging provided an avenue for me to bare my spirit without the pressure of awkward real-life introductions. I was led to friends of like mind, of people with whom I shared the madness with.

Together, we called ourselves The Solar System. Together,  we unraveled life while weaving art over coffee, Redhorse and sometimes, Marlboro lights. We explored islands, conquered cities and dreamt of, until now, unrealized Batanes.

Then matters of consequences happened. I left the country and took on a job that didn’t inspire as much writing. But I earned well. I earned well enough to buy myself tickets to everywhere. I took advantage of the privilege of having the currency to pursue a passion at whim. Traveling became the rock I held on to when making a living didn’t necessarily mean making a life.

Travel Blogger - Words and Wanderlust. Backpacking Bohol Philippines
2006. Maiden backpacking trip to Bohol with my bestfriend.

Since then, my blogs slowly evolved into travelogues and narratives. My poetry began to take root from the imageries of places I’ve been to. Not only did I redeem myself by traveling, It also allowed me plenty of brooding. As the whole world spun madly on, I kept pace by rereading my archives (to understand) , writing continuously (to grow), and seeing as much of the world possible (to live).

Years passed and I went on wayfaring. I went on until things began to be more traveling than writing; more of the present than the past; more creating than mending. It was in the spirit of this awakening that one day, I decided to break free from all that was going on to pay the happiness forward to the world.

Travel Blogger - Words and Wanderlust - Island Hopping Cebu
2007. Weekend escapes to Olango while corporate whoring on weekdays.

On October 15, 2011, I overhauled what was then a dumping blog of prose, poetry, photographs and turned it into a still personal, but more travel-related blog. My first post was a letter addressed to Kathmandu, a Kiwi Outdoor Adventure shop, after a shopping spree in preparation of my quick Southeast Asian escape later that year.

One day, while surfing the internet for ideas on how to kickstart a travel blog, I came across Ron and Monette’s Flip’nTravels. Right then and there, I was enlightened by the reckoning that yes– to move, to remind, to inspire and to have people relate to my travels like how Flipn’Travels resonated with me, that’s what I wanted. For days, I found myself digging up their archives, kicking myself for only knowing them then. Eventually, they led me to Pinoy Travel Bloggers. I wasn’t surprised I saw my friends Aileen, Marcos and Yowee in the group. I’ve known them to be wayfarers ever since.

Hamilton New Zeaaland
My first Road Trip in New Zealand was to Hamilton, Waikato in April 2008

Not knowing who he was to the travel community then, Journeying James added me to the group. But it was The Pinay Travel Junkie, GayE, who added me on her friends list first. When I think of it now, I cannot help but be proud, that it was actually PTB’s most famous who welcomed me first.

For a time there, it was hard to point a finger to the source of my euphoria– finding a community of vagabonds as travel-hungry as myself, girl crushing Gay Mitra-Emami, or being secretly thrilled by the fact that James Betia was (and still is) single.

It was humbling how, instead of imparting the ultimate travel experience to the world, the world imparted the same to me. Same, but different. The Rashomon Effect. It is by such principle that travel blogging is made possible– we see the same places, but we always tell different stories. It is in this fashion that a world so small like ours, is made bigger, boundless.

As for me, the wanderlust has just been rippling since. I am afflicted, and there is no cure.

This is my entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival | Theme: The Journey That Made Me A Travel Blogger | Host: Edmar Gu Quibb of Edmaration Etc.

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Bucket List | Bungy Jumping New Zealand

Bungy jumping in New Zealand had been in everybody’s bucket lists long before “bucket list” became a household term. Traveling to NZ isn’t complete without a bungee jump, may it be in Queenstown or in Taupo. NZ tourism sure knows how to couple extreme activities with paradise-like nature as backdrop.

[vimeo 44183688]

Just over a fortnight after I got married, the X and I drove over to the North Island’s adventure capital, Taupo, to jump off the edge. 47 meters high and no turning back, it was the single bravest thing I have done in all my 27 years. The X chickened the last minute and decided he couldn’t do it. But I, at only 5 feet 4 and 55 kgs, took on the challenge like it was no different to the age-old cliff jumping I used to do as a kid back in my mum’s hometown of Iloilo.

Water has always been my comfort zone. Nearly 50m below from where I stood, the mighty Waikato River, in all its almost-frozen glory, had its arms outstretched. It enticed, promising liberation.

In less than a month’s time, the X and I will be relocating to another country with hopes of good fortune. Until I make that jump, I could never really claim I have lived in New Zealand. In addition, If I really desire to travel the world like I say I do, it is only just to explore my backyard first and do the very things other travelers come here for.

As the Bungee crew gear me up for the plunge, my eyes trailed to the viewing deck. I saw the X, the in-laws, a bunch of other people who couldn’t make up their minds if they’d also jump or not and many others who knew in their hearts that they never can do such feat.

Then it happened. I was asked to stand on the edge, look up to the camera above for posterity, and savor the picturesque reality of New Zealand: whitewashed cliffs, a lake that was all shades of blue, lush forests and long white clouds. There was only one way for me to take all of it in: succumb to gravity.

It was so fast there was no time to entertain fear. The next thing I felt was the rope pulling my feet and for the first time ever, I saw the whole world upside down. It still was just as beautiful.

I grinned from ear to ear, knowing that I have conquered something that was far more than what it looked like it was. It wasn’t only a jump, it was a manifestation of how fiercely brave my heart is. I did myself a favor; I made the whole world hold their breaths.


Taupo Bungy
202 Spa Road, Taupo
New Zealand
0800 888 408

Solo Bungy: $149
(photos and videos excluded)