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Where to Stay in Japan

Back in the day, I used to brave windowless hostels with shared bathrooms devoid of toilet paper. Cost, back then, sat on a priority shelf way above Comfort. But gone are the days of frugal backpacking, thanks to my diminishing tolerance for below par accommodations, which frankly, came with age.

But what also came with age was a brand of wisdom that I used to only see in my mom and aunties. In our Japan trip for instance, we were able to find places to stay, which aced both cost and comfort; experience, too!

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2017: Was Here to Slay

My 2017, like many of the years prior, began in the comforts of the open road.

On a 15-hour journey to the mountains of Kalinga, I sought the art of a century-old woman, well-known for having inked victories on the skin of warriors.

Despite his indifference to the kind of traveling I’ve been doing, I took the boylove to Whang-od, with me. It was a big ask, considering that anything out of the big city was out of his comfort zone. To be fair, he never stopped me from scaling my own heights. But it didn’t mean he was scaling heights alongside me either.  For the most part, I have had to seek adventures on my own.

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The Lost Weekend | Newtown City Guide

Photo Credit: Josephine Sicad Photography

I’ve been to Newtown once before: drunken and giggly; walking barefoot whilst dangling a pair of high heels in the air.

It was lovely at dawn, when the city was asleep. But what little part of me that was left sober that night, knew too well, Newtown was lovelier once awake.

The boylove and I have raided a couple of weekends since, and we have never fallen for a place as much as we have for this little artsy neighbourhood just on the outskirts of Sydney CBD.

It sure is possible to embark on adventures, even in the confines of our home city; and this, mates, is a cheat sheet.

You are welcome.

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Gear Review | Jord Watches in Sydney Winter

Born and bred in the tropics of Southeast Asia, there is nothing I crave most in winter than to hibernate. It is not just my season. But Sydney is cheeky: She is always able to somehow sneak in a few sunny days.

So when Jord Watches invited me to be part of their campaign, I was absolutely stoked. After all, strutting my staple summer style off, even in the midst of winter, seemed like a clever idea.

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Hotel Review | The Urban Newtown

Knackered from rush-hour traffic on a Friday night, The Urban Newtown beckoned like a nest to a tired hatchling. Amidst the bustle of busy Newtown, it stood distinctively, sporting an iconic Fintan Magee on its facade.

Winter has just come, and my body was just getting used to the cold. But Newtown begged to be explored. After all, it was Vivid Sydney season. If anything, the city was never more alive.

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Easter Road Trip Travel Guide | Coffs Harbour – Surfers Paradise

It is no secret that the open road is my travel terrain of choice. After all, “the dream” began on countless bus trips from my barrio to the city, in all my years in school.

Easter, as Jonat and I serendipitously came to reckon in 2011, is the perfect time for road trips. Whilst a four-day weekend is too short for an overseas trip, it is long enough to still have a holiday even with all the driving in between.

Last Easter was different: We took friends with us. On a test run on, albeit milder, a life lived out of a backpack.