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Bucket List | Bungy Jumping New Zealand

Bungy jumping in New Zealand had been in everybody’s bucket lists long before “bucket list” became a household term. Traveling to NZ isn’t complete without a bungee jump, may it be in Queenstown or in Taupo. NZ tourism sure knows how to couple extreme activities with paradise-like nature as backdrop.

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Just over a fortnight after I got married, the X and I drove over to the North Island’s adventure capital, Taupo, to jump off the edge. 47 meters high and no turning back, it was the single bravest thing I have done in all my 27 years. The X chickened the last minute and decided he couldn’t do it. But I, at only 5 feet 4 and 55 kgs, took on the challenge like it was no different to the age-old cliff jumping I used to do as a kid back in my mum’s hometown of Iloilo.

Water has always been my comfort zone. Nearly 50m below from where I stood, the mighty Waikato River, in all its almost-frozen glory, had its arms outstretched. It enticed, promising liberation.

In less than a month’s time, the X and I will be relocating to another country with hopes of good fortune. Until I make that jump, I could never really claim I have lived in New Zealand. In addition, If I really desire to travel the world like I say I do, it is only just to explore my backyard first and do the very things other travelers come here for.

As the Bungee crew gear me up for the plunge, my eyes trailed to the viewing deck. I saw the X, the in-laws, a bunch of other people who couldn’t make up their minds if they’d also jump or not and many others who knew in their hearts that they never can do such feat.

Then it happened. I was asked to stand on the edge, look up to the camera above for posterity, and savor the picturesque reality of New Zealand: whitewashed cliffs, a lake that was all shades of blue, lush forests and long white clouds. There was only one way for me to take all of it in: succumb to gravity.

It was so fast there was no time to entertain fear. The next thing I felt was the rope pulling my feet and for the first time ever, I saw the whole world upside down. It still was just as beautiful.

I grinned from ear to ear, knowing that I have conquered something that was far more than what it looked like it was. It wasn’t only a jump, it was a manifestation of how fiercely brave my heart is. I did myself a favor; I made the whole world hold their breaths.


Taupo Bungy
202 Spa Road, Taupo
New Zealand
0800 888 408

Solo Bungy: $149
(photos and videos excluded)

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14 thoughts on “Bucket List | Bungy Jumping New Zealand”

  1. mheanne ojeda says:

    OMG! I too was holding my breath while watching the video! Initially, you made me feel like you were being punished for something and execution happened so instantly! you brave heart!!! i do not think i could ever done such a feat, but who knows eh, i have this journey to gutsiness that might, just might convince me to check this bucket list haha.

    1. rakistangnars says:

      hi attorney! naisip ko kse, para ano pa’t tga new zealand ako at ngcclaim na traveler kung dko matry to. it was awesome, liberating! i’m sure you will be able to this too. a brave girl’s courage always overpowers fear 🙂

  2. Dee says:

    Oh my goodness, you crazy brave beautiful girl!!! My heart was constricted the whole time…until you took the dive. WOAH! xoxo

    1. rakistangnars says:

      Hey Dee! my fierce heart is making up for poor physical strength. lol <3 thanks for dropping by langga! <3

  3. Boytoy says:

    How many times do I have to tell you, i can do that. It just wasn’t too challenging for me. 😀

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