Little Infinities


Words and Wanderlust - Little Infinities - Melbourne Sunset
Sunset in Brighton Beach, Melbourne | October 2017

One – You are the war
my sun wages in the horizon

Two – The same war that everyone
who loves has always fought
but has never won

ThreeBut I fight anyway.

Four – Because there are very few moments
that are worth both defeat and victory

Five – Every time with you
are those moments.

Six – When darkness
strips off the last sheath 
of pretense

Seven – You are the truth
that remains.

Eight – You are the secret
that gets spilled
in slumber
or when not sober

Nine – Yours is the name
that gets written on park benches
and whispered to shooting stars
and darn

Ten – You are who comes to mind
when John fvcking Legend
belts out a love letter

Eleven – I could almost make out
the longing bled by ink on paper.


Dear You,
Love Me.

Thirteen – Love was born in April.
Love was born on April.


Little Infinities is a collection of short musings borne out of huge emotions. In many of my travels, these are the kinds of stories I seek and live for, unlearn and let go.

Published by Rain Campanilla

Born under the star of Sagittarius, the centaur of adventure; and in the year of the Rat, the ever curious--- Travel is my birthright.

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