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Under The New Zealand Moon

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND. When I first got here in February of 2008, leaving home was easy. There was not much to hold on to except family. And in the same odd way, family was also my biggest reason for leaving.

New Zealand cradled my then burnt-out, uptight self with generosity, kindness and luck. By the end of my first year, melancholy has successfully been exhausted out my system. I have also unloaded the breadwinner’s yoke off my father’s back. My provisions afforded my parents much needed rest, recreation and peace of mind. It allowed my brothers to want as much; to be free and happy as if the world was theirs. As for myself, I was gifted the fortune of squeezing as much goddamn juice out of as many goddamn lemons thrown my way.

Life had been a bottomless well of blessings since. My career soared faster and higher than usual. Outside work, I have dabbled with writing, shooting and traveling. I have reached the point where money wasn’t anymore an issue as big as time was. There was so much to do; so many places to go to,  but so little time.

Love, as you may have already known, was the cherry on top. It came in the form of a bouquet of gerberas on my doorstep 2 Decembers ago, from a photographer-slash-engineer neighbor who apparently was on the prowl until I was without a boyfriend. “Will you be my girlfriend?” and “Will you be my wife?” happened in a span of time so short, some lines are blurred.

In a few hours, today, I will be leaving New Zealand. All the wonderful memories I have in the nearly half a decade I spent here are wrapped in 6 relocation boxes and a hundred kilogram worth of luggages. One beautiful life in one container van.

A boat house and a rewarding job awaits me across the ditch. There, the sun shines brighter; the moon, bigger. But truth be told, I find it very, very hard to leave. I have come to love this country as my own– more than it being a greener pasteur; more than what I came here for.

The sun rises here first for a reason. For landscapes and waterscapes that do not only charm the sight, but soothes the soul as well. For its citizens– the kindest, most trustworthy and most generous one could ever find. For nights that are silent, because then, one could hear the beating of his own heart. For days that are eternal– 9pm sunsets and the like.

It is when fate brings one to real life paradises like New Zealand that we come to prove that there is a God. He puts us where we can truly bloom and be happy. He put me here to heal. I guess now, the mending’s done and I’m off for a test run– there, where the greats are made greater; the beautiful is made more beautiful.